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As always, we have uploaded a survival kit pdf as well as a schedule in iCal format. See you soon.


We're overjoyed to complete this year's Denovali Festival Essen lineup with Brandt Brauer Frick (ger). They will perform on day IV of the event.


We're very delighted to welcome Mr. William Basinski (us). He will present his audiovisual performance on day II of the festival.


We're delighted that Stephen O'Malley (founding member of Sunn O))) & KTL) will present his haunting live show on day III of the festival. Berlin based electronic specialist Subheim will showcase one of his rare live performances on day IV.


We're very pleased to welcome the marvelous Austrian live techno trio Elektro Guzzi​ and the Netherlandic sound designer Multicast Dynamics​.


This year the festival will focus on various forms of audivisual performances. We're very pleased to welcome Holly Herndon​ (us), Blanck Mass​ (uk), Emptyset​ (uk), Mondkopf​ (fr), Ah! Kosmos​ (tr), Noveller​ (us), Oneirogen (us), Orson Hentschel​ (ger), Hidden Orchestra​ (uk), Moon Zero​ (uk), Second Moon Of Winter​ (uk), Witxes​ (fr), Poppy Ackroyd​ (uk), Sankt Otten​ (ger) and Carlos Cipa​ (ger). Six further artists will be announced soon.


We're delighted to inform you that Thomas Köner (ger) will present the second performance of "Tiento de las Nieves" at the Denovali Festival in Essen. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (us) will start the first festival evening with her modular synth sound sculptures.