Denovali Records

Denovali is an independent music label founded in 2005. Not confined to a specific genre the program of Denovali varies from ambient, electronica, experimental, drone to jazz, modern composition & sound art. Artwork and packaging are considered to be as essential for a release as the music – the combination of both is meant to result in a coherent piece of art.

Denovali Festival

Since 2007 Denovali curates and organizes international music festivals. Currently the events are taking place in London and Berlin. Focussed on various forms of adventurous music the lineup offers an opportunity to discover a wide range of international Denovali artists live and is rounded off by various renowned non-label guest artists. A hallmark of the festival is the renunciation of the headliner principle: all artists are receiving the same attention - the length of each artist's concert is equal. In addition to the musical program the festival sometimes features changing specials like audiovisual performances, installations or lectures.

Denovali Store

In line with the start of the label activities in 2005 Denovali opened its online record store offering a fine selection of emerging and established artists with an independent background. The store does not only feature output from Denovali artists, but also records and publications from other recommended labels and artists which can potentially extend any music collection beside the common taste.