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‘Alpha Heaven’ is stepping through doors previously opened on AUN’s acclaimed 2011 ‘Phantom Ghost’ album. (''essential'' New Noise (France). ''as endlessly intriguing as it is majestic'' Rock-a-Rolla (UK), ''extraordinary'' Indie Rock Mag (France), ''amazing'' Titel Mag (Germany), ''one of the most beautiful experiments of the new millennium'' Storia Della Musica (Italy) ).

Walking the line between, romantic, sinister, uplifting and melancholic hazy dreams of mistuned 70’s sci-fi TV, ‘Alpha Heaven’ is AUN’s most living and breathing recording to date. Mostly recorded in one take with little editing, apart from some overdubbed vocals, lounge organ and creaky acoustic piano parts. The space echoed, sometimes wobbly tape saturated tracks, evoke past and future, using a collection of electric pianos, organ, bass pedals and tapes, augmenting AUN’s otherworldly signature guitar, voice and electronics.

Further merging their use of sometimes temperamental vintage analog, with more contemporary electronic equipment and techniques, the concise and focused tracks, find the duo at their most luminous and earthly, while pursuing their ongoing exploration of time, space and unknown dimensions.

A chapter closed, a chapter opened ...

Martin Dumais: electric, midi and bass guitars, acoustic and electric piano, venus organ, synthesizers, electronic percussion, tapes, sampler
Julie Leblanc: vocals, synthesizers, piano, sampler
Mastering: Frédéric Arbour

Additional tracking: Thierry Gauthier at de Castelneau studio