It's been four years since their previous album, but now DOMINIC is finally ready with album number three, “Persona”.

In the first years since their beginning in 2001, DOMINIC have mainly focused on concerts and live shows and have toured Europe a lot especially after 2003. Many DOMINIC releases have seen the light of the day during these years, including two full length albums. Most of these recordings had been done live and as quickly as possible. The band has had its focus on catching the nerve and roughness the live format adds, without spending too much time on post production.

With the new album DOMINIC took a different approach and thus Persona marks a new step in their history as a band. DOMINIC started working on the songs for the album shortly after their previous album “Nord” was released in 2009. Since 2010 there have been fewer live shows, but a steady and continuous work on the material for Persona. Finally DOMINIC have been in and out of the recording studio in the Summer and Fall of 2012 to finish the record.

The result is Persona, a manifestation of a band that has toured and played together for more than 10 years. DOMINIC have always been hard to label, but attemps to characterise them have used terms such as punk, post-hardcore and post-rock. These are all genres the band is well known with, and musically DOMINIC is probably somewhere within. Yet, these terms could never suffice to describe Persona entirely, the only thing that's for certain is the fact that DOMINIC are DOMINIC, and Persona is Persona.

The album name “Persona” is borrowed from the psychiatrist Carl Jung, who defined “the persona” as a mask, the facade we try to maintain in social settings. The persona-mask occurs between the individual and the society around, and is not more real than the characters played in a fictional play. Both in fiction and in real life, the mask has two functions; to make a certain impression on others, and to hide the true nature of the individual.