Notilus is the new project of five established French musicians combining cinematic soundscapes, energetic jazz and atmospheric live electronics. With a decent amount of performances at several French festivals the quintet presents its s/t debut album via Denovali in spring 2017. The cleverly compiled repertoire varies from positively trombone and sax driven jazz parts with a deep sense for sophisticated melodies to calmer, melancholic soundscapes back to beat driven, dynamic, buzzy sound cascades. Sometimes the albums delivers a feeling of a soundtrack for a 70s crime movie - sometimes it sounds like an intergalactic, retro-futuristic trip - always with an ironic and positive view on the own creative work.

With Notilus, the five musicians embark on a journey towards the centre of the Earth, towards the pentaquarks, towards the tips of Pluto's icy peaks and beyond. The spatio-temporal ship made some stops on the planets Jazz, Trap, 70 's, Bass, Dark and Psyche. The infectious smile creating live performance of Notilus captured in ten diversified and timeless pieces.

The Notilus Orchestration:
Philippe Rieger: Live electronics
Samuel Klein: drums
Guillaume Nuss: trombone & effects
Christophe Rieger: tenor & soprano sax & effects
Paul Barbieri: trumpet & effects