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Pitchfork "the percussion is manicured yet spritzy, with the baroque cadences of spitting rain. periodic vocal samples are hung about in hazy washes, making it sound a bit like Burial for english-lit majors... they got the album title right-- they've arrived."

the silent ballet "arrivals is probably the best dub-inflected techno album since the black dog's 'radio scarecrow' last year. two further positives: this seems like an album that can only improve on further listening and worriedaboutsatan are still at the early stages of their musical life"

plan b magazine "a sumptuous, immersive piece, populated with lonely clicks, earthly organs and stirring synthetic strings. infrequently a voice appears; disembodied, quietly squalling, it is not quite of our world – much like worriedaboutsatan, in fact"

drowned in sound "it would smack more than faintly on hyperbole to say that this is a pioneering album, regardless of its qualities. i shan't waste any more words on what genre the sea of sound that is Arrivals fits into. let's just call it an hour's worth of creepy, organic, nearly always-tension-building electronic ambience which certainly owes as much, if not more, to the hidden influences as the obvious ones"

clash magazine "step off the path just an inch and you’ll be tumbling through patterns and motifs both unfamiliarly alien and unsettlingly absorbing"

the line of best fit "this is one of the best electronica albums I have heard in years"